Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My First Special Order!

So a friend that I grew up with saw my work on this Blog and Facebook and asked me to make a custom Christmas wreath for her. She asked for Green and Red, Plaid Bow, a Merry Christmas Sign and Snowflakes. Below is what I can up with! My friend and her Mom (whom she gave the wreath to for Christmas) loved the outcome and are very happy with this wreath! Which in turn makes me happy! 

ENJOY!!!! :)

Crafting Love,   


Monday, December 5, 2011


First I would like to thank everyone who came by to support me at my craft fair in Truckee this past Saturday. A special Thank You also goes out to my two friends Lael & Lindy. Lindy, thank you for letting me store my crafts at your house the night before; Lael, thank you for helping me get all my stuff to and from the fair. I couldn't have done it without you girls! 

Sadly, I did not sell that many wreaths or bows and I dont have room to keep them. Below is part of my inventory, with more to come. So if you live in the Reno/Tahoe area and would like to buy something please let me know and I would be happy to get it to you. Cash or check. Pricing is also provided below each photo. For out of state'rs, shipping would be additional and will require a mailed check. 

These items will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. I will leave this up to locals and friends and also move onto Etsy to sell there. Please email at to order or ask any questions you may have. Thank you! :)

$55.00  This wreath would be excellent to ship. Will do well outdoors.

$55.00 This wreath would be good to ship as well, although the bulbs are glass. Don't recommend to be placed outdoors in very cold climates.

$65.00  Prefer not to ship as snowflakes are delicate. Could be placed outdoors.

Large Cornucopia $40.00  Will ship well.

$85.00  Prefer not to ship as the snowflakes are a bit fragile. Best to leave this wreath indoors, as there are glass bulbs.

$65.00  Will ship fine. Recommend to use indoors because of glass bulbs.

$25.00  Tree Topper Bows. I have 2 left

 $25.00  I have 1 left

$25.00  I have 1 left 

$25.00   I have 1 left

$55.00  Will ship fine. Has LED light that can be replaced with a real candle if wanted. 

$65.00 Would prefer not to ship as is too fragile. LED light as well.

$20.00  Silver Tree Topper Bow. I have 1 left

 $20.00  Gold Tree Topper Bow. I have 1 left

$20.00 Plaid Tree Topper Bow. I have 1 left

More to come once i take count of my smaller bows and garlands. I am currently out of town, but will be back in Tahoe on the 11th. Stay posted! :)

Crafting love,


Friday, December 2, 2011

Craft Fair #2 in Progress...

So I am very excited to have been invited to do another craft fair just 1 month after my first one! It's being held at the Sierra College in Truckee and it's their first ever craft fair! As of now they have over 35 vendors signed up to do this event and they are all locals! Hopefully this fair will draw a larger crowd and they will make this an annual deal. This fair is to promote their new arts department and they are offering live music, hot cocoa and spiced cider to get us into the Christmas spirit! I am very excited; not only for me and getting the word out, but for the department as well. I hope it does really well so tell all your friends, family and neighbors that this Saturday from Noon -5pm at the Sierra College in Truckee is the place to be! Thank you! :)

Now, for a peak at a few new items debuting at this fair!

This piece was inspiration from my Grandmother who LOVES lavender! It breaks away from the traditional reds, greens and golds, but is still very festive.

Back to the more traditional/country is this berry and pine cone centerpiece. I frosted a LED red candle for a safer option, but a real candle can be used in place as well. 

This centerpiece also broke a little from tradition as it's more of a winter themed piece. Handmade snowflakes and glitter dusted pine cones really add that personal touch. Also frosted a white LED candle with this piece as well. 

Something completely new are these Tree Topper bows. I noticed that there just aren't that many beautifully massive bows out there to really do the tops of our trees justice! So these were really fun to make and i LOVED how the 2 ribbons combined made these bows just pop!

If there is time I may have 1 or 2 more items to go up tomorrow, so be sure to check back. Otherwise, please leave a comment or email me about anything you see on here. I love to hear feedback so don't be shy! Please pass this link on to friends and family and hope to see you at the fair! :)

Crafting love,


Last minute additions to the fair. Not the best photos since they were taken in the evening, but you get the idea. These Bows are big! A full ten yards of ribbon in each of these beauties!