Monday, October 31, 2011

How I spent my Halloween...

...listening to Jingle bell rock while making Christmas Wreaths!  Ha! 
I can honestly say I have never done that before on Halloween, but it was a productive day, take a look!

These snowflakes are made with polymer clay, modge podge, epson salts with assorted sparkles.
Also, tried my hand at flocking pine cones. Added that little something extra...

 Come back as more items will be posted the next few days! Working on a new garland concept that I hope to have up tomorrow! Thank you for visiting and leaving comments, I love to hear from you!                 

Craft Fair is this Saturday November 5th at the Rideout Community Center located at 740 Timberland Drive, 1 mile past Sunnyside Restaurant. Make a right turn at the Large Timberland sign, down the road on the right. Fair is from 10am till 3pm, bring friends and family! :)

      Always time to carve a ghostly pumpkin! 
     Happy Halloween everyone! :D

Crafting Love

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Heart Wreaths & Bows!

So i FINALLY got decent pictures of my work thus far. I know these aren't the best pictures, but they are pictures none the less! I hope you enjoy and please leave comments of what you think of everything! Craft Fair in 10 days! OMG, getting nervous yet SO excited! :)


More to come very soon! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Love of Crafts

I love to craft and make art. I have crafted and done art projects since I was introduced to finger paints in preschool. My Mom and I every year would go to local fairs in Henderson, NV and to any fairs we could find when traveling on vacations. I've made it a priority to visit local fairs in Tahoe the past few years I have been here. I LOVE seeing what other people dream up and create; what they specialize in. Over the years however, i have noticed a huge drop in handmade home crafts. I love that people love to make jewelry and painted shirts, ceramics and things like that; but i miss the crafts. I miss holiday decor, home decor, baby stuff, I could go on and on. I love how buying a stunning, soulful piece of photography of an amazing location somewhere can make a room in your home feel serene or energetic or inspiring, etc. It brings a feeling to the home. It creates conversation and warmth. That photographer searched out this location and made sure the lighting was just right to get that perfect shot. Artists LOVE what they do, but this year I have been to a few art fairs where I haven't felt that love and passion for what they do. I didn't see time and effort put into their work. To me, everything I think is essential to art is missing and I want it back.

I am hoping to bring that love and passion back with my art work and crafts. I have never done a craft show before, but i am SO excited to. It's something I have always wanted to do. I want to bring comfort, love and warmth back to the home for the holidays. I want to bring excitement back with the changing of seasons. I loved when my Mom would get out the decorations for fall then Halloween then Thanksgiving and last, but definitely not least, Christmas. Maybe I just like change, but growing up and looking forward to all the changing of seasons and the holidays and the festive decorations that go along with them, to me it made the change from one season/holiday to the other exciting and official. It makes the year fun for me and I hope fellow craft lovers feel that same way as well. So, here I go with my first craft fair EVER that will be taking place on November 5th in Tahoe at the Rideout Community Center. I will soon be posting photos of my work that will be at the upcoming fair on here and I would love honest critiques! Enjoy!

Crafting Love,