Friday, November 4, 2011

When your vision becomes reality... can either be easier or harder than you thought. With these garlands, they definitely were the latter.

So the past 3 days I have feverishly been tying up lose ends for this fair. Lemme just tell you that my house is covered, top to bottom, with glitter, hot glue sticks and ribbon clippings. Literally, every room. From kitchen to our bed sheets. I go to bed with glitter on me and frankly....I just dont care anymore. So below are some new additions to this Saturdays fair!

Here are the garlands that I am sooo proud of! Cute and simple, BUT not simple to make I assure you.  I do apologize that these garlands are draped across my couch, but I am sadly without a fireplace and a mantle to go with it. Someday...  :(

This photo is deceiving. The ribbon really does go with the wreath, i promise. 

My White Christmas wreath. It's blindingly white & silver!

So this is a wreath from a previous post, but i changed the bow from the polka dot to plain red. Thank you Mom for your wisdom and good eye! 

Cleaned up this one too from a previous post. Cut down on the ribbon a little. Thanks again Mom!

This was my very first wreath i made for the fair and from my first post you will see I bulked it up a bit. Very Autumn-y. 

Cornucopias! One large and one small.

How I am storing my bows in my house. This is only half of them. This is in my hallway next to the bathroom. When you're low on space a girl's gotta get creative.

One more day and more pics to come! Hopefully I will get them up tomorrow! Wish me luck! :)

Crafting Love...

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