Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And now for something completely different...

The Heron's are having a Baby!!!

Yes, that's right, we are expecting our first child September 18th, 2013 and we could't be happier! :)
Now i know that is this is more of a crafting blog, but don't worry, there will be a lot of crafting to be done and posted on here, just more baby related than before.  Let's just say I've graduated to the next level of craftiness....

Here I am at 13 weeks and there is just a little bump now. Though it is my understanding that I will start progressing quit a bit form here on out. 

We did our 12 week check up and all is looking good. Here is a pic of the little lima bean. 

We told our parents just after my 8 week appointment once I got to see the heart beat and knew everything was looking great. We each went home and saw our respective parents to tell them in person the good news. We bought little infant onsies, customized them and since it was just before Valentine's Day I wrapped everything up to look like it was just a V-day present so they wouldn't be suspicious. Here is the 12 week photo we took to tell the rest of our friends and family of the good news. That was the onsie we gave our parents. 

We also snuck video of our parents reactions. They were just perfect and exactly what we each predicted, especially of our Mother's. I will try to get them up soon! They are a riot!

My first trimester went pretty well considering. I had morning nausea instead of sickness, mild mood swings and only a few foods that got me through a few days each week. However, I have been extremely tired since learning of my pregnancy. It is starting to subside, but i remember days where I couldn't do much else but sleep until the last minute before i had to get to work and head straight to bed once i got home from work. Literally ZERO energy. But, I would take the sleepiness over being sick any day. If you know me, you know how much I HATE bowing to the porcelain throne, so I can deal. 

Now to the Craft part of this blog. I have a shadow box I started for our little nugget. I plan to add a few more items as we progress. And once I know we are having a little mister or a little miss crafting will come easier and more frequent. Here are some craft 
ideas I have for either a boy or girl...

More to come soon! :)

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