Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week 14 - Being sick is the worst with out drugs...

Hey everyone,

So week 14 wasn't so fun. We were gearing up and getting sooo incredibly excited to head down to Florida for 5 days with my husband Matt for a Family Reunion. It would have been my first vacation since starting my new job last July and we were going somewhere tropical and warm! I was so excited. However, I ended up getting the worst cold of my life. It literally landed me on my pretty little butt for 6 days straight. Went to the doctor twice for this cold. At first they just said that it was a viral thing and I would have to just wait it through. Well, after two days of misery and zero sleep i went back again on Monday and they said it has turned into a bacterial thing and now were able to give me baby safe antibiotics. I am finally feeling more like my normal self, but very tired still and weak. Still blowing my nose and coughing like crazy, but as long as I am able to sleep I think I can tolerate the rest.

So here is our 14 week photo which is a little late, but we made it. Baby is the size of a lemon and we are about 2 weeks till hopefully getting an idea or confirmation if we are having a little man or little lady. :) We are getting so anxious!!!!! Once we know, let the crafting begin!!!!

More soon!

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