Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week 18 - What's it gonna be???

Oh Boy...or Girl!?!?

We are getting so anxious to know what we are having it's becoming all consuming! I have spent the last few weeks researching and registering for baby necessities that don't completely require me to know the gender like the stroller, furniture, glider, pack n play, etc. I think I have down everything thing I can do until we finally find out what we are having. Then I can get all the fun stuff like clothes, crib sheets, blankets and decor. So now I am at a stand still and just anxious to find out! Next Tuesday can't come fast enough! :D

Mystery baby Heron is about the size of a sweet potato, weighing 6.7 ounces and is about 5.6 inches long. He or she is yawning, swallowing, hiccuping and sucking; along with twisting, rolling punching, and kicking, but i have not felt anything yet. Though, I am really interested in knowing what that will feel like. Talk about weird. Amazing, but weird. 

All I have thought about and talked about is boy stuff, so I think we will be having a little man, but I have also been shopping for my friends who have little girls for their birthdays and I have to say...I really do want a little lady too. There are just SO many cute little dresses it's so hard to choose! 

The anticipation is killing me! Until next week for the big reveal! :)

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