Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week 19 - Drum Roll Please....


Yes! We are having a little future fly fisherman! Matt is simply over the moon to be having a son! I was honestly not shocked as I was convinced we were having a boy. We both felt like it was what we were having so we weren't too surprised. I also must confessed that i googled what the ultrasounds look like for a boy and girl and how to tell. When she was zooming in on the ultrasound it looked like a boy to me and before I could say anything the technician said "there are the little boy bits". Ha!  Since i am a nut for Chuck Taylors, here are the baby sized navy blue chucks we bought to celebrate our little guy!

Baby Boy Heron was giving the technician a little bit of a hard time as he was a big mover and shaker that day. I still haven't felt anything, but they assured me that it being my first pregnancy it was okay, maybe in the next few weeks. Apparently Week 22 at 12 ounces is the magic number for first time mothers.  Everything about the little man was perfect and healthy which made me very much relieved. I  have been getting major anxiety just before the ultrasounds because I want so badly for everything to be just fine, so I find I am a little ball of nerves until I hear that heart beat and see him on that flat screen TV. Here are some ultrasound photos of our little man. They aren't the best since he was moving all over. Perhaps a sign of what's to come??? :)

Here is his profile picture.

Here is his little foot. 

This is our little man showing off the goods.  

This is a 3-D image of him. I think he looks like cheese lumps more than a baby.

Our little boy is about the size of a Mango, weighs 8.5 ounces and is about 6 inches long. He is developing the vernix caseosa which is the protective coating that goes over the skin. Also nerve cells are developing in his brain for taste, hearing, sight and smell. Pretty amazing!

Until next week, Can you believe I am almost half way through this pregnancy??? Didn't it just start yesterday? 

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