Monday, May 27, 2013


Just what we needed! We went to Monterey this week for 3 days. It was so nice to get off the mountain and see the ocean again. I can't remember the last time i saw it, all I know is that it's been too long since i dipped my feet in that salty water. We stayed at the lovely Marriott that was across the street from the Warf where we filled our bellies with all kinds of delicious seafood specialties. We walked the pier and window shopped along the way. The funny thing about the restaurants in Monterey is that they advertised their places by handing out generous tastings of their clam chowder like it was candy! I couldn't believe it! I was in heaven, though I will say by the end of the three days,  I was done with clam chowder.  It was great while it lasted. :)

We spent about 4-5 hours at the Monterey Aquarium which was awesome! The otters were my favorite, they are so dang cute. The jelly fish exhibit was breathtaking and the deep sea exhibit was amazing with a side of eeriness. Everything was so interesting, eye opening and well done I can not wait to take this little guy back one day for him to see. Here are some photos of the Aquarium.

We also wandered Cannery Row a little bit. It is a super cute town with a lot of touristy spots for sure, but it was so pretty and the weather was perfect. Wish we spent a little more time walking around, but I was about to crumble if i didn't sit down for a while after walking the whole Aquarium for 5 hours.

(One of the best restaurants with the best views on Cannery Row)

The next day we drove along scenic Hwy 1 to Big Sur. It was a gorgeous drive, but we thought we would eventually come to a little town. We did not find one. We found a lot of little pull off's along the way with 2 pump gas stations and local wares for sale, but that was it. We eventually found a cute little restaurant that was next to a small hotel/Inn with a pool. It was so comfortable, quiet and serene I simply didn't want to leave. I imagined lounging in a hammock with a book and cup of coffee the rest of the day.

(The little Inn we lunched at. Wanted to jump in that pool!)

(Sleepy husband with a full belly)

Our last day we slept in late and drove straight to the City to our next hotel for the night. I love San Francisco, but I loath driving through it. We both are so not use to "traffic" anymore that we get super antsy in anything longer than 5 minutes of waiting. The one way streets didn't help calm us either when we wanted to turn left and couldn't until we drove 10 more blocks. So we were very happy to only have to walk about 8 blocks to the stadium. I loved it actually. People watching and getting a chance to really see my surroundings is my favorite. We met some of our friends at this super busy restaurant where 8 out of 10 drinks were some kind of vodka cocktail concoction and the short ribs were the best i have ever had. We were elbow to elbow and i loved every minute of it.

(View from our seats)

The game was awesome. Neither Matt or I had ever been in AT&T stadium for a Giants game, and the fact they were playing the Braves made it even better. We had great seats on the far left side of the field. It got really cold when the wind blew, but otherwise was a really enjoyable game. Needless to say...
Soft Pretzel....$8
Braves beating the Giants 6 to 3 and my husband giddy like a little kid.....Priceless!

This trip was exactly what we needed. The two of us to get away and just be us. No work, no worries, no schedule. It was perfect. So perfect I didn't want to leave. Matt worried that when we had to finally leave to head home that I would act like this woman in the commercial. Honestly, I almost did...

Now for our darling baby boy weekly update. 

The little man is the size of a pomegranate, measuring 10.5 inches long and weighing 12.7 ounces.  
This week his digestive system is preparing itself for the outside world. Waiting patiently for this baby to start making big moves. I have felt the butter flies everyone talks about, but I really want Matt to feel him too. Bring on the kicks and punches little man! :)

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