Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 22 - Hiccups and Kicks!

So we are back to our normal lives again. Matt has been very busy with fishing this week and I am playing catch up at work. I have also, however realized that I don't have much time to get things done before summer really takes over. My job is pretty demanding during the summer, so demanding I pretty much work nearly every day. And with the warmer than normal spring we have had summer is starting sooner than normal as well. So, to feel a little more in control I have started mini cleaning, or one could even say "nesting", projects around the house. I have successfully cleaned, organized and purged our linen closet, both bathrooms, my side of the closet, the laundry closet, the kitchen pantry and fridge/freezer. We still have the man cave, Matt's side of the closet, the kitchen cabinets, bedroom dresser and our desk to do. We also have a trip to the dump we must do as well soon. We have huge boxes on our porch, a mattress and spring board and a mess of other dump worthly items that must go. So it's spring/getting ready for the baby cleaning at the Heron household right now.

Once that is all done I can focus any spare time I get to the baby's room. I am thrilled that the baby crib, dresser and changing table is all assembled and good to go and only needs to be placed. The rocker is also ordered and on it's way, so really all I will have to do is the fun part. Decorating! I have been scouring and Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. I also have been filling up my three registries on all baby necessities. I will say, registering for a baby is a lot harder then a wedding registry. Especially when you are someone like me who knows squat about babies. I think I am getting everything dialed in though. Once I feel confident in my registries I will have two of my friends with kids look them over and let me know their thoughts. They each have two babies (one with her second on the way) under their belt so I consider them my personal baby gurus. For all you antsy pants out there, I will post links to the registries I have once they are finished on here. I hope to have them all done by mid June.

(Sorry I am always in my pajama bottoms, but they are just so comfortable!)

This week, baby Heron is the size of a Papaya. He is between 10.5-11.8 inches long and weights between 12.7 and 20.8 ounces. His eyes and lips are more developed and is looking more like a newborn. He is also sleeping in cycles - Between 12-14 hours a day. However, one night in particular, little man wasn't in any mood to sleep. In fact, he came down with a case of the hiccups which in turn seemed to make him fussy and start kicking between hiccups. I awoke to a super strange feeling in my belly at around 2 am and it took me about 30 seconds to finally figure out what was going on. However, after those first 10 minutes of awe and excitement i found myself wide awake and not falling back to sleep for another two hours. About 1 hour and 45 minutes after the amazing hiccup/kicking show. I was not a happy Mama the next day as i dragged myself through work. Sadly, Matt didn't get to feel the show as he was out cold. Im not worried though, I have a feeling this won't be the last time.

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