Saturday, September 7, 2013

Weeks 24, 25, 27 & 29

These posts from here on out are catch up posts. This year Summer came VERY early to Tahoe and so brought all the tourists earlier than planned. I started working 60 hour weeks the very first week of June and kept going until the last week of August, so here are compilations of photos (some weeks are missing as we just didn't have time to blink let alone take a baby bump photo). So I apologize for the gaps sometimes, but we did our best. Enjoy! 

Pretty much sums it up.

Matt and I got to get away for a night of camping at Sugar Pine Point with friends. It was a very welcomed break before the tourists stormed Tahoe for the summer. 

We got to get away for a long weekend mid June to attend a family wedding in good ol' Michigan. It was great to get out of Tahoe, but was glad to get back. Forgot how humid and hot Michigan can be in summer. It's even worse when your pregnant. Didn't know my feet could swell 3 times their size, along with the rest of me. Oh...and we both pretty much lived on our computers as well as the work kept piling in. 

I promise I didn't just change the chalk board and my pants, this really was two weeks later and i think noticeably less swollen. July 4th week was so crazy that I obviously didn't pay attention to the fact I am wearing the same thing again for the photo. I'm just amazed we got around to a photo so consider yourselves fortunate as I consider this a small victory. 

Thanks and more to come to catch up! :)

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