Saturday, September 7, 2013

Weeks 30, 31, 34 & 35

Here is more catching up! Hope you are enjoying this as much as I am. :) This time we missed two weeks in a row, sorry. 

I couldn't believe hitting 30 weeks! I remember hitting this mark and being like....holy crap, I only have 10 weeks (or less) to get myself, the nursery, and everything else together! Needless to say, I was being a nervous wreak and nesting hitting it's all time high. I'm sure the adrenaline mixed in also helped. I'm sure Matt especially loved living and being married to me that week. :)

I finally came down off my freak out and knew that it will all get done in time. So i decided to get away one last time before I couldn't fly anymore and head down to Vegas. I was dreaming of swimming in a cool, refreshing pool and sleeping through the day. Sadly I was delusional as the weather was much like Michigan (hot, rainy and muggy) from thunderstorms that decided to roll through THAT weekend. The pool clocked in at 87 degrees so not at all refreshing. I will say though, i felt like my old self in that water. Being weightless felt amazing, though i learned real quick that gravity takes over again like a slap in the face when you get out of the water. After spending 20 minutes in that pool I truly felt the weight of pregnancy when I went to "hop out". Felt like I was carrying an anvil in my belly when i broke the surface. So, the "hop" became more of a slow slow readjusting crawl out of the pool.  As for sleep, I just should have known better. It didn't happen. 

Pretty much explains where weeks 32 & 33 went to... Work, Work and more WORK! 

Hitting 35 weeks was another freak out time for me, but on a much smaller scale. I have considered myself a pretty easy pregnant woman with very few issues during this 9 month experience. My temperament, i think, has stayed amazingly reasonable considering the amount of work and stress I have undergone for 3 straight months. So i figure that knowing i had about 4 more weeks to go (give or take) I could endure anything. However, Tahoe had to deal with the effects of the Yosemite Rim Fire which means we had a lot of smoke invade Tahoe. And that smoke ended up ruining our Maternity photos we both had planned in advance to take one evening by a friend of ours. When we learned we wouldn't be able to do them due to the smoke (all the photos would have come out brownish if we did) normal people, like my husband, would say "No big deal, we will figure out another time to do it". But the unreasonable pregnant in me unexpectedly reared it's ugly head and was not so understanding of things out of one's control. I was stupidly mad at the smoke and stubbornly adamant about getting these photos done anyway. I ended up crying it out as Matt sweetly and carefully convinced me that we still had time to do them when the smoke wasn't so bad. So this picture was the aftermath of that event so i wouldn't completely feel that all that "getting pretty" waste of time wouldn't actually go to waste. 

Thank you babe for knowing when to tread lightly and yet still able to bring me back to my senses.
 I love you so much!

The final weeks to come! 

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