Monday, September 16, 2013

Weeks 36, 38 & 39

Here are the final weeks for you. As of today, still no baby, but he can come at anytime now. Will be sure to keep you all posted. Have my 40 week appointment tomorrow morning so we will see what they have to say!

Matt's parents arrive the week before Labor Day so it was really great to have them here and get settled in for the wait of little Heron. I missed week 37 due to it being Labor Day weekend and I worked about 10 days straight with the holiday weekend and training my maternity replacement. 

Week 38 was a very busy week for me. I was finishing up Labor Day weekend and my 10 day straight  working stint. Getting all the training finished up, baby shower at work and then a romantic dinne r at Stella with Matt. Can't believe it's been 4 years since our wedding day. It's been a incredible ride and looking forward to many more years to come! Also, Michigan beat Notre Dame which is HUGE in our family. Matt being a Notre Dame fan I was out numbered this year, but i figured since the baby is still in my belly it was 2 against 3 (Matt & his parents). Our son may decide one day to become a Notre Dame fan like his Dad. Matt sees it as he's his son and so he is a Notre Dame fan, period. But, the way I see it this year, my son was a Michigan fan. Go Blue! 

We are on the final count down this week, but really not sure what plans this little guy has. Will he be on time or running a little late? I'd really like him to be more on time than late, but i have a feeling that I really don't have any say in it. :) Either way, the whole family is ready to meet this little man and find out his name, which we have not decided on yet and won't until we see him. So we hope to be seein' him sooner than later! We are getting anxious around here! :D

Hopefully next post will be of our baby boy! Fingers Crossed! 

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