Saturday, November 2, 2013

Declan Photo Gallery (Newborn to 1 month old)

Hi All, 

I wanted to post some of our favorite photos of our little man's first month of life. Many of them you may have already seen posted on Facebook, but there are a few gems we are sharing for the first time on here as well. Hope you enjoy as much as we have! :)

His 1st week home
After dinner, fat and happy

8 days old doing a photo shoot
2 weeks old at Graeagle napping with Dad

3 weeks; Gaining weight and eating like a champ!

Meeting Grandma Calhoun 
Hanging out with Grandpa Calhoun
Shopping in Downtown Truckee with Mom and the Grandparents

A very cute picture of my little man sticking out his tongue at me

TV time with Dad

First Full Smile Captured in a photo during our daily morning snuggle time in bed
Declan making friends
Declan and Whit. Future best friends! 

For Declan's 1 month birthday we did a family trip to Emerald Bay to show  him his backyard

We then visited Taylor Creek in South Lake to see the fish spawning.
Declan obviously loved seeing the fish. :)
D and I snuggling in bed

Hope you enjoyed this first month of photos. Will be compiling month 2 photos soon! 
Till then, enjoy!

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